Cost Savings: Time is Money

In any operation there are bound to be some slower spots. Sometimes it’s a necessity – you can’t rush drying wood in a kiln, for example. But sometimes there are opportunities to increase your efficiency – and with it, your productivity and profit. ErieTec will take a look at each component of your overall operations and can identify these savings opportunities.

Success Story

Industry – Metal/Steel
Region – Central PA
Cost Savings – $10,270 in first year; $18,000 thereafter

The customer had an area in their plant that required manual transfer between work stations by hand carts, which was time consuming and inefficient.

ErieTec offered a small complete modular belt conveyor. The work stations are now adjacent to the conveyor and the material is moved between stations by the conveyor rather than manually. We were able to present them a solution that allowed them to use their own internal electrical team to save some money.

Savings Calculation
The customer estimates that the time saved and increased efficiency of the conveyor vs. manual carts amounts to approximately $1,500 monthly, a savings of $18,000 yearly. The cost of the conveyor being $7,730, the customer’s net savings in the first¬† year would be $10,270, but after the ROI was achieved would continue on to be $18k per year.