Cost Savings: Down and Dirty

Manufacturing can be a dirty business – literally. Dust, dirt, and other contaminants may be an unavoidable part of your everyday operations. In some cases that means you have to accept a more frequent failure rate of your components, but be careful about exactly how frequently you’re accepting as normal. We might be able to provide you a different option that reduces your downtime and failure rate – and saves you money.

Success Story

Industry: Metal & Steel
Region: Southwestern PA
Cost Savings: $1,555.86

The customer was having repeated failure of standard motors due to contamination.

ErieTec offered them Hyundai’s IEEE841, a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor that is far more resistant to contamination.

Savings Calculation
The cost of the original motor was approximately $700 and was failing twice per year, a total of $1,400 plus a maintenance cost of $300 and downtime cost of $500. The IEEE motor cost $644.14 and would last at least the full year, bringing the total savings to $1,555.86.