Have You Heard? ErieTec Partners with HANCO

Large, expensive components of power transmission lines inevitably fail. Some take decades to do so, but eventually they all do. Facing the necessity of investing in a new part can be difficult, but the price tag doesn’t have to be that high if you consider repair rather than total replacement.

hanco's truck with a large gearbox for repair

ErieTec is dedicated to providing you the best products and the best service around – and that’s why we’re now partnering with Pittsburgh-based Hanco to ensure that you get the very best mechanical repairs in the industry. Equipped to service repairs of up to 20 tons, Hanco is prepared for jobs of just about any size. They’re experienced, efficient, and reliable in providing you with a product they take pride in – and can guarantee that it will meet your needs.

After speaking with your favorite ErieTec expert, you’ve decided that the best plan is to have your existing parts repaired rather than buying new. What happens next? Trust in Hanco to provide you with a product that is good as new.

Step 1: Inspect

Hanco will take your existing piece of equipment and disassemble it to inspect the component parts. The customers’ interests are the most important factor, and this is where the issues are identified and plans are made. Hanco’s extensive experience allows us to eliminate costly recurring failures to keep your business running smoothly – they don’t cut corners or rush through projects. Inspection is a careful process taken very seriously.

Step 2: Report

Hanco is dedicated to direct and honest communication at all times, which is why we provide our customers with thorough inspection reports. We aim to be transparent every step of this process, and this is where we detail for you our assessments and the repairs, upgrades, and replacements that we have proposed. You can feel absolutely confident in our inspection after you read the report we’ve provided you, and only after you’ve approved our plans will we begin the repairs.

Step 3: Repair

Your equipment is in good hands. Having been repairing a full range of rotating and mechanical equipment since 1967, you can expect exemplary work from Hanco. They also commit to investing in the latest technology so they continue to improve efficiency and capabilities – they’re dedicated to constant evolution in order to better serve our customers. They believe in getting the job done right and welcome you to come inspect their facilities yourself.

Step 4: Test

Hanco sets themselves apart from the competition with experience, knowledge, and dedication – but they also take it another step further by subjecting all the repairs they make to rigorous full-quality inspection and testing. They don’t rush the job, and they don’t take shortcuts. The quality and longevity of your product is their biggest concern. Your repaired product will not leave Hanco’s facility until they are absolutely positive that every detail is correct.

Step 5: Deliver

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Because of Hanco’s thorough and detailed inspection along with their dedication to transparency, you can expect no surprises upon delivery – only a high quality product. We at both ErieTec and Hanco are customer-centered and fully dedicated to ensuring that we are making the best decisions for your company’s safety, productivity, and profit. Your repaired equipment from Hanco will follow these standards, and will be backed by the full force of both Hanco and ErieTec.

Allow ErieTec and Hanco to help you cut down on costs by repairing rather than replacing. Contact us today!