Gearbox Bearings: Small Investment for Big Problem

We care about you and value your production time, no matter how big or small you are. You are our priority, especially when you’re experiencing an equipment failure that’s halted your production and stalled out your profits. And we’re here to save you money, whether it be a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand. You just have to give us a call. Sometimes the issue is as small as gearbox bearings failing… but as large as losing tens of thousands of dollars in product at the same time.

Success Story: Gearbox Bearings and a Big Shutdown

Industry – Agriculture
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $22,255.98

Corn jammed in a gearbox. Because of this, the bearings within the gearbox failed, rendering the gearbox unusable.

The customer brought the failed bearings to the counter at ErieTec along with the seals and shaft for the gearbox so ErieTec could measure and find replacements.

Savings Calculation
The customer had 15 bushels of corn that would have gone bad if the gearbox was not immediately fixed. Each bushel is worth $1,500, totaling $22,500. Their cost for the parts was just $224.02. As a result, the net savings amounts to $22,255.98.

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