Cost Savings: Upgrades and Guarantees

When you’re looking to replace an important component in your operations, you’re often presented with an opportunity for upgrade – a component that may last longer, conserve energy, reduce downtime, etc. How can you be sure that making the switch is worth it in the long run? How can you know that the investment is going to perform as you hope?

Easy: you work with someone you trust, and someone who will fully support you well after installation.

Success Story

Industry – Lumber
Region – Southwestern PA
Cost Savings: $8,200.80

The customer needed belts for their trimming machine, and their current source was manufactured internationally and unavailable for purchase in the U.S. ErieTec conversed with the customer and also discovered that those belts had only been lasting around 2-3 months before their coating wore off and they needed to be replaced.

ErieTec and Midwest Conveying came together to propose an alternative Rainbow Rubber endless belt of the same durometer. Not only would this have longer service life and would be reversible, but it would also be stocked locally. Midwest Conveying, an excellent vendor of ours, would provide a performance guarantee for at least 6 months, even though the belts are actually expected to last longer than that.

Savings Calculation
Original investment in overseas belts: $754.19 (x3 change-outs) = $2,267.57
Investment in new belting solution: $2,057.55 (only once because it lasts 3x as long)
= savings of $205.02 per belt x 10 belts/machine x 2 machines = $4,100.40
x 2 times per year = total cost savings of $8,200.80