Cost Savings: Stocking Your Backup Plan

In every operation there are certain components that are absolutely critical to production. If part of that line goes down, so does everything else. And you can’t afford to let that happen! So let us help you minimize that downtime and maximize your production.

Success Story

Industry – Chemical Processing
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $100,000

The customer installed a new blower that unfortunately had a defective motor. This put their production line down until they could get a 50HP 4-pole 326T motor.

The customer has an agreement with ErieTec that we will keep backup motors for this application in stock at our nearby branch for situations just like this one. ErieTec was able to get them up and running the evening the failure occurred as opposed to waiting until the next day for one to be delivered.

Savings Calculation
ErieTec’s backup plan was able to save them 10-12 hours of lost production time that would have cost them approximately $10,000 per hour, saving them around $100,000.