Cost Savings: Sometimes it’s not about Money

Your work environment is absolutely critical to your staff’s productivity. A disruptive office or an uncomfortable plant can spell trouble for your operations as a whole. We at ErieTec understand that and are here to help you solve all of your problems – even if they’re not directly related to your monetary bottom line.

Success Story

Industry – Lumber
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – Workers’ sanity

The customer has a lumber pack vertical lift that was right outside the office building. The lift was guided by wheels that had a bronze bushing riding on the shaft. No matter how often they were lubricated, they were terribly noisy and were a constant source of complaint for those who worked in the office.

Together with the customer, ErieTec worked on a ball bearing insert that would replace the bronze bushing, eliminating the loud squealing the people in the office complained about.

Cost Savings
Sanity isn’t calculable in the budget, but there’s a lot to be said for having happy workers.