Gearbox Repair Services

Why Choose Hanco?

Hanco is a full-service repair center that specializes in gearbox repair. 

Service is a big part of this business. The parts and equipment that are repaired for gearboxes are not going in the storerooms to sit for years. They’re not 20 of one component being made – Hanco makes one-off gearboxes. The standard practice of incorporating technology allows communication with clients throughout the entire refurbishment process. Each Hanco technician is equipped with mobile tablets to capture each step of the process to provide transparency that is unparalleled in this industry. During the documentation process, challenges related to identifying parts can be an issue. They don’t get prints on a lot of the components. A lot of times, the part number is rubbed off during operation and it’s needed quick, and it’s needed fast. Hanco’s custom inspection software allows and helps report to customers about why a gearbox failed, how it failed, and how recurring failures can be eliminated. 

What happens next?

When they get the approval from the customer, they send out orders and start receiving all the components, supplied parts, and purchased items into the shop. First thing done when those pieces of equipment come in, is they go to the quality department, they get inspected for accuracy, and then basketed and kitted. When all the parts are found accurate, they go down to the mechanic’s station. During the assembly process, there are a lot of settings that need documented if there are any issues while the unit is in service or if the issue runs great, we’re able to look back on that project the next time it comes in and see the settings that worked well for it. Hanco checks things such as backlash and end play. They take mesh contact photos of every gear set. Photo documentation is taken of that gear set, then stored electronically if any issues arise while that unit in operation. After it’s torqued together and sealed, Hanco puts it on their in-house test stand, and we run it at operating speeds. Again, documenting key factors during the test. Temperatures are recorded at all bearing locations, along with the vibrations of the bearings, and axial and radial. Gear mesh frequency during the run is also checked. If the unit has an attached pump or any insulated equipment, they try to run it with that equipment on it as well and get a true picture of how the operational behavior of this equipment will run. After the gearbox gets tested and approved from the test stand, the unit will get painted or coated baked on the customer recommendations. That is enamel paint or high temp paint – however the customer needs it done, the paint job can be customized for every piece of equipment that leaves the facility. The equipment can be tagged physically with etching or other means. Stamping and tagging permanently on a piece of equipment as well as the outside of crates, the outside of protection so it’s not torn open while in stores and then unprotected while it sits in the warehouse. 

Hanco, a partner of ErieTec, is proud of their ability to be flexible to meet our customers’ needs. If you have any questions or inquiries, please reach out to your local ErieTec branch for service.