With more than 800 electric motors in stock and 60+ years of motor and controls expertise, no distributor knows motors and motor controls better than ErieTec.

When you’re looking for a motor, there are so many factors to consider. Most importantly, we need to know what your application is. In other words, what are you using this for? Once you’re able to answer that, we can look at the specs to understand exactly which motor you need for your operation.

Motor Characteristics:

  • Input and Output Ratings
  • Frame Types and Sizes
  • Motor Heating
  • Types of Loads
  • Motor Insulation
  • Service Factor
  • Speed-Torque Curves
  • Enclosures
  • Mounting
  • Motor Protection
  • Brakes
  • Modifications

We at ErieTec offer models that cover all varieties of these characteristics for motors. While you certainly can call us with a specific part number or specs that you’ve identified, if you simply talk to us about your environment, your application, your load, and other factors, we can identify the right motor for you.

AC Motors

Alternating current is what power companies transmit through the electric wires to our homes and factories. AC motors turn that current into rotary motion. AC motors can be single phase or three phase (also called polyphase), and come in a wide range of horsepowers.

DC Motors

Direct current always moves in the same direction. In order to operate a DC motor, you must convert the alternating current supplied by power companies into DC. The reason you might do this rather than use the plentiful AC power is that DC motors can operate at adjustable speed when connected to relatively simple controllers. We offer brush-type and brushless DC motors.


Servo motors are different from AC or DC in that they have low inertias and high response, meaning they can accelerate from zero to full speed in milliseconds. In order to use servo motors, you must use a dedicated servo control as well. They’re often used for rapid-reversing and precision-positioning applications like machine tools, packaging machines, inspection equipment, and pick-and-place applications.

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