Cost Savings: Customized Solutions

Manufacturing operations are each unique from one another, so solutions at each plant are always going to be different from one another. Often times, plants need to engineer their own operations in order to optimize their production lines, and that poses a particularly difficult problem when issues arise: you can’t go back to the OEM for advice when you’re the one who created the system. That’s where we come in! We have experience with all kinds of customized solutions and will evaluate your operations and offer you solutions that just as unique as your system.

Success Story

Industry – Waste Treatment
Region – South Central PA
Cost Savings – $30,600

The customer engineered a sink float tank and was having a problem with plastic material not transferring onto the flighted conveyor belt at the end of the tank.

Together with representatives from SEW Eurodrive, ErieTec suggested a Movimot gearmotor and a second paddle installed at the end of the tank to push the plastic material onto the conveyor more efficiently. The Movimot was a good fit since it allows speed change directly on the gearmotor, almost like a built-in VFD. The customer specifically appreciated this solution since he didn’t want to modify his electrical panel to make space for a VFD.

Savings Calculation
Employee labor cost for 3 days = $600
Plastic waste being used can only be stored 6 days without refrigeration and must be hauled back out (3 days’ worth) = $30,000
Total = $30,600