Motor Control (1100 × 450 px) (1920 × 600 px)

HMI Operator Panels

From factories to extreme remote locations, HMIs enable customers to easily connect, monitor and control processes across a diverse range of industries that include manufacturing, oil and gas and water/wastewater.

With a full spectrum of indoor and outdoor models ranging in size from 4” through 15” touchscreens, HMIs give organizations the ability to select exactly the functionality they need to connect, monitor and control operations.

Advantages of HMIs

  • Unify Disparate Equipment
  • Monitor and Control Remotely
  • Stay Informed in Real Time
  • Improve Performance
  • Save Time

Panel Meter Solutions

Red Lion manufactures high quality solutions for your digital and analog panel meter requirements. Offering you a wide range of models, sizes and capabilities — from our indicators, to our versatile process meters with communication, you have the ability to add or change capabilities with plug-and-play, field-installable cards.

Meters for Any Application

  • Display Height .3” (7.6 mm) to 4″ (101 mm)
  • Digital Meters: count, rate, time
  • Analog Meters: current, process, resistance, strain gage, temperature, voltage
  • PID Control: current, process, temperature, voltage
  • Outputs: relay, solid state, retransmitted analog
  • Various communication protocols
  • Field-installable option cards for changing business needs
  • Easy-to-use powerful capabilities of Crimson® software