In order to solve our customers’ problems completely and efficiently, we follow a consistent process. With more than 60 years of experience and expertise across industries, we identified these steps as the best way to consistently meet and exceed your expectations in providing products and services that solve your problems.

Step 1: Identify Areas of Potential Improvement

This first step is perhaps the most important in our proven process to providing solutions for our customers – learning where we can help. If a component in your operations is broken, we can help you fix it. However, we are able to offer you options that are more efficient, cost-effective or offer you other benefits like reduced downtime or longer component life even when things appear to be working fine. Through other questions we ask, we will be able to provide you with suggestions of areas we think we can help you improve.

Step 2: Research Potential Solutions

Although we have expertise and experience, we conduct thorough research of other options to ensure we are presenting you with the best possible solution for your application. This research can include discussions with ErieTec colleagues, checking with our valued manufacturers and more. We’ll look at what is most cost effective for you, what might increase component life by the most, how long the lead times of the proposed solutions and other factors before we propose a recommendation to you.

Step 3: Propose Solutions

This is the point in the process where we will present to you the value we can provide through the discovered solutions. We will give you a quote with other information, like lead time and other pertinent information, so that you can make your final decision.

Step 4: Provide Solution to Customer

After you make your decision, we will get it done. Working with any manufacturers or other partners, we will ship the products, provide the services and assist with anything further for completion.

Step 5: Follow-Up with the Customer

Once implementation is complete, we will check in with you to make sure it is successful. If it is not, we will work to identify why. In addition, we’ll continue to provide any assistance needed related to that project – and any others you may have.

Step 6: Document Applicable Cost Savings

At ErieTec, we pride ourselves in the value that we add to your operations, the products we provide and the services we offer. In order to ensure we are meeting that goal, we document all cost savings, which can help to see the value in investing in the products and services that ensure your productivity, reduce your downtime, assist in your safety and increase your profit.