Motor Control (1100 × 450 px) (1920 × 600 px)

Sub Stations

Eaton’s primary unit substation transformer is ideal for stepping down utility distribution voltages to in-plant distribution voltages. By locating the medium-voltage transformer and close-coupled equipment near areas of load concentration, the secondary distribution cables/buses are kept to minimum lengths, resulting in advantages including reduced power losses and exposure to faults, and improved voltage regulation and service continuity.

Primary Voltage: 6.9 kVA – 69 kV

Transformer kVA: 500 kVA – 20,000 kVA

Secondary Voltage: 2.4 kV – 34.5 kV

Core Features:

  • Provides complete electrical and mechanical control over coordination of the three close-coupled sections.
  • Exceptional flexibility afforded through availability of all switchgear types as secondaries.  
  • Coordinated connection design minimizes installation costs.
  • Compact design uses space efficiently.
  • Single-source responsibility including assembly/integration streamlines processes.