Motor Control (1100 × 450 px) (1920 × 600 px)

Benshaw M Series Soft Starters:

The Benshaw M Series MVE medium voltage soft starters provide an integrated, IEC-compliant solution for motor control and protection.

M Series MVE starters combine advanced soft start and soft stop functionality with extensive motor and system protection … plus a user-friendly interface and complete commissioning diagnostics.

Core Features of the Benshaw M Series Soft Starters:

  • Top or bottom cable input and control wiring
  • Front and rear panel access for convenient servicing
  • Corrosion resistant hot-dip galvanized steel sheet metal enclosure
  • Separate galvanically isolated low voltage section (via Benshaw’s advanced IBT technology)
  • Vacuum contactor or vacuum circuit breaker switching options
  • Standalone and line-up configurations