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PF Capacitors

Power factor – the measure of how efficiently power is being used – is a power quality issue that every facility should be familiar with.

Eaton’s line of power factor correction products feature technology that is compatible with a variety of voltage applications to meet the needs of every industry. These robust solutions, which include fixed and automatic switched capacitors for low- and medium-voltage applications, raise facility power factor to meet the requirements of any utility, helping to eliminate costly utility charges. 


The Eaton LV-transient-free static switched capacitor bank provides next level power system enhancements. This level of protection is ideal for high-current loads that rapidly switch on and off – such as those found in rock crushing, arc-welding, plastic injection molding and crane applications – which are typically vulnerable to power factor issues, voltage flickers, or require sag or harmonic corrections.

Transient-free static switching devices come in two models: the FTA model and the FTE model.


The AutoVAR 300 is designed for low voltage applications with a variable system load where maintaining a precise target power factor is required.

With a heavy-duty, three-phase capacitor construction in a small, wall-mount footprint, this product is ideal for applications with little space to spare.