President Mike Ketchel outside our Erie branch.

Erie Bearings Company was founded in 1958 by Norman Ketchel as a supplier of bearings in the Erie area. As the years went on, the company began broadening their horizons, covering the whole mechanical spectrum in the first couple decades. By the 1990s they had moved into electrical components as well, truly becoming an across-the-line industrial solutions provider.

Recently the company opened a UL508A listed panel shop division, EB Controls. From simple pump panels to highly sophisticated industrial control panels, our electrical experts can build you exactly the panel you need using the industry’s best products.

The latest development in our long history is a big one – Erie Bearings Company has become ErieTec, Inc.! Why change the name after 59 years? It’s simple: we outgrew it. Our team provides technical solutions for all industries across the mechanical and electrical spectrum. We’re more than just bearings – and have been for quite a long time. It was time our name reflected that.

Today the company is owned by Mike Ketchel and Judy Miller, the son and daughter of our founder, Norm Ketchel, and has six branches: Erie, Meadville, St. Marys, Pittsburgh, Indiana and Altoona.