Motor Control (1100 × 450 px) (1920 × 600 px)

Manual motor control offers ideal space-saving and cost-saving solutions as manual starters, manual motor disconnects, group motor installations, and self-protected manual combination starters.

Manual motor starters and protectors provide protection against low-level faults that fuses or circuit breakers on the branch circuit would ignore.

In group motor installations more than one motor circuit is protected by a single branch circuit protective device (BCPD).

Core Features for the XT IEC Manual Motor Protectors Include:

  • Fingerproof” terminals with screwdriver guide holes are located in the vertical plane for safe, convenient front access and ease of wiring
  • Undervoltage release module trips manual starter to “off” during loss of power to ensure starter is turned on manually, for added safety
  • Group motor installations eliminate the need for individual branch short-circuit protective devices (BCPD) for each motor circuit, reducing panel space, installation and wiring time, and costs
  • Self-protected combination starters provide continuous service after a fault and eliminate the need for a single BCPD, reducing panel space and additional cost
  • Manual motor controllers feature a rotary ON/OFF manual disconnect, Class 10 adjustable bimetallic overload relay and fixed magnetic short-circuit trip capability in one compact unit