We offer a wide variety of ball bearings for just about any industrial use you can imagine. But we offer more than just products. Our expertise is second-to-none and because of that, we add far more value to your operations. Maybe you know that you need ball bearings, but which ones? We’ll talk to you about your goals, how you plan to use them, what you currently use, and what roadblocks you’ve been dealing with. Having began as Erie Bearings Company in 1958, we are the bearings experts. Let us help you! Some of the categories of ball bearings we carry are listed below.

Agricultural Bearings

Farming operations often require high speeds but low to medium loads, so ball bearings are often an excellent choice. In agriculture, you will often need good seals on your bearings to fight contaminants. We have a wide range of offerings for all your balers, pickers, harrows, mowers, rakes, and more. Many of our brands carry definite purpose agricultural motors, but one of our favorites is Leeson.

Angular Contact Bearings

Are you dealing with a high thrust load and a moderate radial load? You’re probably looking for angular contact bearings. At ErieTec, we’re here to help you choose exactly which ones are best for your purpose. Perhaps you need to accommodate for thrust loads in two directions. You might need paired bearings to create a system that won’t prematurely fail. We’re happy to help you with all the math and geometry to ensure you’re getting the right product for your needs.

Ball Transfers

When you’re building a multi-directional material handling system, you’ll need ball transfers. We offer the best brands and a variety of sizes and materials.

Commercial Ball Bearings

Commercial Bearings or Semi-Precision Bearings are generally used with light loads and low speeds. You can expect to pay less for them, but they’re not suited to most applications in heavy industry.

Double Row Ball Bearings

When you need to account for higher radial loads, double row bearings are one of your best options. Talk to us about your operations! Perhaps the line you’re building requires something else.

Mast Guide Ball Bearings

For high radial and occasional thrust loads, you may need these. Typically they have a tire-like thick cross section on the outer race, and are available in various profiles that fit your specific needs.

Radial & Deep Groove Ball Bearings

There are two kinds of radial ball bearings, Conrad and Max Capacity. The Conrad, with its uninterrupted raceway on the inner and outer rings, carries high radial loads plus moderate thrust loads. The Max Capacity contains more ball elements so it can withstand higher radial loads, but if there is a thrust load it must be less than the radial load. Additionally, the thrust load must only come from the direction that the filling slot faces or you might have bearing damage. In addition to these load factors, your solutions specialist can tell you more about the best times to use radial and deep groove bearings.

Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

When you have a situation where misalignment is unavoidable, you may be looking for self-aligning ball bearings. They’re available in internal and external self-aligning versions. The internal kind can generally tolerate misalignment of less than 3 degrees and light shaft loads that vibrate when loaded. The external kind are very similar to deep-groove bearings except that the outer ring has a spherical outer surface that mates with an identical opposing one.

Super Precision Ball Bearings

Looking for ABEC classified bearings? We have all kinds. We know there are applications where you need accuracy of fabrication to be exact and the clearances to be insanely small. The ball elements are made more round and the races are grounder smoother and rounder as well. The cages are usually made of materials that better keep their shape in order to reduce friction. It’s often very high-speed situations that require exact rotation. Not everyone is looking for this kind of bearing; after all, they’re much more expensive. But when you need them, we can provide! Talk to us about your operations that demand accuracy, rigidity, and smooth running at fast speeds.

Thrust Ball Bearings & Washers

As the name would suggest, these bearings are built to carry primarily thrust loads. In order to achieve this, the space between rings is oriented perpendicular to the axis of rotation. The races of thrust bearings are usually hardened to resist wear. The degree of hardness will vary from brand to brand, and some are surface hardened while some are thru hardened. We can help you decide which configuration is right for your situation!