Material Handling (1100 × 450 px) (1920 × 600 px) (1)

Conveyor Belt Survey

Question: Who has time to survey your current conveyor belts for longer life, improved performance and ordering simplification?

Answer: ErieTec and its industry partners – that’s who!

Here’s How: Conveyor Belt Survey

Survey Details:

  • Belt dimensions determined/take-up impact
  • Top cover material identified
  • Bottom cover material identified
  • Special features – flights, perforations – identified and measured
  • Tracking features – V-guides – identified and measured
  • Existing splicing type identified
  • Recommended fastener type and size determined
  • Pully diameter appropriate for belting material confirmed
  • Belt strength requirement analyzed (required per inch of width belt strength)

Survey Deliverables:

  • Performance recommendations provided intended to increase the life and decrease the cost of owning and maintaining conveyor belts.
  • A comprehensive easy reference material ordering guide with pricing for surveyed conveyors intended to simplify material replenishment.