Motor Control (1100 × 450 px) (1920 × 600 px)

General Purpose Relays

The D series ice cube general purpose relays provide excellent functionality and are ideal for any application from controlling smaller loads, to those requiring high current-carrying capacity. 

A wide array of coil voltages and contact configurations ensure there is a D series relay for every control circuit design application. 

Installation of general purpose relays are quick, easy and secure with little risk of damage, and various relay models are specifically slim-form designed to fit into tight spaces.

Core Features for General Purpose Relays:

  • Flag indicator allows users to see relay status in either manual or powered condition
  • Push-to-test button allows for manual operation of relay without the need for coil power
  • Lock-down door holds pushbutton and contacts in the operate position when activated, for analyzing circuit problems
  • No contact chattering for momentary voltage drops up to 50% of rated voltage
  • Finger-grip cover allows operator to remove relays from sockets more easily than conventional relays. This optional clip accessory allows operators to remove relays from sockets more easily than conventional relays
  • White plastic ID tag/write label allows users to easily identify relays in multi-relay circuits