Cog Belts and Energy Usage: Cost Savings

When deciding which products to buy, it’s easy to choose the one that costs less or is more readily available (e.g. already in your stockroom). But sometimes, it’s a far better choice in the long run to “upgrade” to something different. This is because, in the end, it actually saves you money. One of the places our solutions specialists and territory account managers look for potential savings is in energy usage. A solution we have utilized often is helping customers transition to cog belts. 

Success Story: Wrapped Belt to Cog Belts

Industry – Food & Beverage
Region – Central Pennsylvania
Cost Savings – $3,000

The customer had been using standard wrapped belts on most of their applications for years, and those belts are not the most efficient v-belt available. Energy dollars are lost with wrapped belts. Additionally, they have a relatively short life.

The territory account manager offered Timken’s Carlisle Gold Ribbon Cog Belt as a replacement for the standard wrapped belts. As a result of this change, the customer would reduce energy costs and increase the life of the belt. The cog belts have a 2% higher efficiency rating, which adds up over time to significant energy savings. Additionally the belt itself runs cooler, maintains a better grip, and can withstand more heat, dirt, grease, and harsh environment.

Savings Calculation
The cog belts are more expensive than the standard wrapped belts. This upfront cost is eliminated once you factor in the energy savings, reduced maintenance time, and less frequent belt purchases. As a result of the investment, the customer ends up saving thousands of dollars.

Our goal is to find solutions that will make your operations easier, more efficient, and, of course, more profitable. We maintain this even if that means we sell you less. Our team is full of experienced, knowledgeable people who are dedicated to serving you and meeting your industrial technical needs.

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