Crowned Cam Followers Reduce Downtime

When parts of a plant go down, the immediate priority is simply getting back into production. And when there are repeated replacements of some simple parts like cam followers, it’s easy to simply accept it as something that is unavoidable.

That’s where ErieTec steps in. Sure, when you’re calling us every few months to replace an item, we’re making more money. But what we actually want is to solve your problems and save you money. So instead of taking those steady re-orders, we’re going to see if there’s a better solution to what’s causing the reduced life of your parts.

Success Story: Crowned Cam Followers to Replace Failing Cams

Industry – Lumber
Region – Northwest PA
Savings – $3,000

The customer bought a high tech resaw that moved on a rail and was pulled by a hydraulically driven cable back and forth. The OEM designed the resaw with a travel system utilizing 4″ cam followers that came in at an angle. These cam followers seemed to have a much higher-than-expected failure rate.

Our territory account manager determined that the cam followers were being pinched by the force applied from the angle and suggested that they replace those failing pieces with crowned cam followers that would take the force and redirect it toward the center of the needles, extending the life of the rollers.

Savings Calculation
The new crowned cam followers will last a year, whereas the original parts were failing more than twice a year, costing $1,500 each time. The savings would be at least $3,000 – though we can’t be certain they won’t last longer than a year as they haven’t failed yet.

As you can see, we want to provide you more – even if it means selling you less. You can feel certain that when a member of our team is visiting your plant and taking a look at your operations, they’re constantly looking for ways to increase your profit, maximize your productivity – and save you valuable time in doing so. Contact us!

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