Industrial Safety: People Matter the Most

Everyone knows very well that one of the most important assets of any company are the employees. We greatly respect our own employees and understand that their welfare is important. We want the same for our customers’ employees as well. Industrial safety is very important in any plant, and our team will do all that we can to ensure our customers are in compliance with safety regulations and are reducing the risk of injury.

Not only is this simply the right thing to do, but reducing risk and increasing safety are also cost-saving measures.

Success Story: Industrial Safety Saves Lives and Money

Industry – Lumber
Region – Central Pennsylvania
Savings – $20,000

The customer had an improperly tensioned chain on the main drive for the grading deck that an employee stands on. Due to the loose tension, the chain would jump the sprocket and it would hurt the employee’s back. Additionally, it caused the chain and sprockets to fail prematurely.

The territory account manager suggested a #80 snap idler to properly tension the chain (there was nowhere to attach a standard idler). The addition of this idler eliminated the jumping of the grading deck chain above, on which the employee stood. Because of this, the employee avoided further back injury, and the customer was able to save money on chain and sprocket replacement.

Savings Calculation
By taking preventative action, the customer was able to avoid costly health insurance issues that could total many thousands of dollars for the employee’s back injuries if the issue had not been corrected. Between that and the replacement parts, the customer estimates a savings of $20,000 total.


People are an integral part of your operations – and they can be a costly one. We want to help you take care of them so that you may continue to thrive as a productive, successful company – and, of course, to help you save money.

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