Lower Price, But Not Lower Quality: Cost Savings

Price is very important to any business, but industrial solutions and parts can really add up. We at ErieTec are a value-added kind of company instead of a “cheapest value” brand. When you buy from us, you’re not just getting a sprocket or a motor or a fuse; you’re getting all the expertise and support that comes along with it. That being said, we still know that dollars often speak louder than any other factor in your buying process. That’s why our solutions specialists and territory account managers will work tirelessly to make sure they’re getting you the best price possible without sacrificing quality and service.

Success Story: Good Value, Great Price

Industry – Printing
Region – Central Pennsylvania
Savings – $25,201

The customer was looking to order new belts for their printing equipment, but the company they’d been using had a large price increase.

The territory account manager at ErieTec located a different belting company and they found a comparable replacement at a much lower cost so that the customer’s overall price was lower.

Savings Calculation:
The ‘problem’ price was $61.38, but the solution that ErieTec set up was $17.93. Their annual usage the previous year had been 580 pieces. Assuming this year’s usage is equal to usage last year, the overall savings of $43.45 on each belt would equal $25,201 over the year.

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