Downtime Prevention: Saving by Being Ready

The best way to fix a problem? To prevent it from ever happening. Sometimes we’re simply too busy to take preventative measures. It’s easy to get too focused on what’s happening right now! But in the end, some extra preparation can save you an incredible amount of money. Downtime prevention can translate to a whole lot of dollars.

It’s always difficult to perfectly quantify it. After all, you are playing a non-exact “what if” game. You can be certain that you’ll save big by utilizing ErieTec’s expertise to assess your operations for potential issues long before they are an imminent problem.

Success Story: Used Conveyor Assessment for Downtime Prevention

Industry – Mining
Region – Central Pennsylvania
Cost Savings – $16,000

The customer was going to start up a mine conveyor consisting of several used conveyors. Because the conveyors were used, the customer had no documentation on the various bearings within them, most of which did not have name plates. This was a concern because of the possibility of bearing failure and the resultant downtime.

Two days before the conveyors were to start up, the territory account manager along with a solutions specialist did a survey on the bearings of four used conveyors. They were able to identify replacement bearings and highlight which ones it would be critical to keep spares in their inventory.

Solutions Specialist Steve Dolak helping to survey the bearings of the used conveyors.

Savings Calculation
The customer estimated that downtime would cost them $2,000 per hour. ErieTec’s survey took 4 hours for 2 people to complete. A failure on any of the 22 bearings surveyed and identified would have taken a minimum of 8 hours of downtime, had this preventative measure not been taken.

Don’t wait to call us until there’s an emergency. We’re here to help you avoid catastrophic failures and costly extended downtime.