Temporary Solution in Emergency Situation

Problems never arise when it’s convenient. You may identify a component of your operations that needs to be replaced soon or at the end of the fiscal year or during your scheduled shutdown – but that component might just decide to start failing on you before the designated time. Ideally, you’d probably want to move up that scheduled maintenance, but sometimes ‘ideal’ just isn’t an option. Come to us and we’ll help you find a temporary solution that will keep you up and running until the proper time has come.

Success Story – Temporary Solution before Scheduled Maintenance

Industry – Lumber
Region – Northwest PA
Cost Savings – ~$100,000

The customer had an air leak in a stainless pipe that moved high temperature air. The plan was to replace it later in the year during a scheduled shutdown, but the customer needed a way to seal the leak and keep the pipe operational until that time.

ErieTec worked with Loctite to determine a temporary solution. To do this, they needed to determine what kind of sealant could withstand the type of temperatures the customer required. Eventually they landed on Magna-Crete. Loctite and ErieTec both provided support for the customer who successfully fixed the leak on a temporary basis.

Magna-Crete can be a permanent fix, but in this case, it was a temporary solution to keeping a pipe in place. Also known as Loctite PC 9410
Loctite PC 9410 is commonly known as Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete.

Savings Calculation
Downtime and repair, had the leak continued and the pipe failed, would have cost the customer an estimated $100,000. 

Contact us and we’ll get to know your systems! Because we know your systems, we’ll be able to more quickly devise a solution in a pinch.

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