Cost Savings: Expertise at Work

Sometimes when you have a breakdown situation, getting started up again is a simple as reordering one component. But it’s a big problem when you just don’t know what exact component that is. Sure, you know it’s a tapered roller bearing. But there’s catalogs two inches thick filled with just tapered roller bearings. Which exact one are you looking for?

That’s where you ask the experts. Just like you might be the most knowledgeable in your field, we know bearings (and motors and sprockets and fuses, etc.).

Success Story

Industry – Metal & Steel
Region – Southwestern PA
Cost Savings – $1,100

The customer was down because of failed bearings, but the cup portion of the bearings had been misplaced or lost and therefore it couldn’t be identified.

ErieTec came on site and were able to drift out the tapered rollers from the other end of the milling machine, but there were no identification numbers on the bearings. They were able to measure the cup, cones, and shaft in order to match against their transaction history to learn the exact part number. The original manufacturer was out of stock at the moment, but ErieTec was able to source a replacement from a different Tier 1 manufacturer and get the machine up running much faster.

Savings Calculation
Reduced downtime and prevention of further downtime by stocking extra replacements has an estimated value of $1,100.

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