Industrial Product Savings: ErieTec Can Help You

Looking for industrial product savings? Sometimes the simplest way to reduce spending for our customers is to get them a product that doesn’t cost as much. After all, everyone wants to shell out less cash. But it’s not just a numbers game of suggesting to our customers the cheapest product. “Cheap” can often mean low-quality and likely to fail.

The experts at ErieTec can take a look at your operations and identify places that there may be an alternative brand or style of a component that costs less – but isn’t of lower quality.

Success Story – Product Savings

Industry – Metal & Steel
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost savings – $1,933.84

The customer was spending a lot of replacing the outside amplifier for a ring sensor.

ErieTec suggested the customer switch to a sensor by a different manufacturer in a style that does not require the outside amplifier.

Savings Calculation
Original component price = $1,291.89
New solution price = $324.97
Price difference = $966.92 x 2 per year = $1,933.84

Talk to us about your repeated purchases, and we’ll help to find you options that cost you less without sacrificing life span. Industrial product savings is very important to your bottom line. Because of this, we focus on it. However, we would never sacrifice quality for a lower price. In the end, that can cost you more! Instead, we will look at possible solutions like this one, where perhaps we can eliminate a costly element without losing any effectiveness.

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