Motor Speed: Cost Savings in Product Savings

It’s the whole point of your operation: the product. If you’re losing efficiency there, the associated costs and losses just keep adding up. Until you call us, that is. We can offer you the right products to solve whatever problem has caused your loss of efficiency. All of our products are high quality and have strengths – but those depend entirely on the application. Our knowledge will help you choose components for your operation that not only are good, but are good¬†for you. In the following case, motor speed is a complex problem as they require slow speeds for running – but then aren’t able to achieve proper cooling.

Success Story – Investing in a Drive to Achieve Necessary Motor Speed

Industry – Food & Beverage
Region – Northwest PA
Cost Savings – $33,516

The customer was losing a lot of juice in the stemming process. The application required lower hertz – so low that the motor wasn’t being properly cooled. The excess motor heat was causing the customer to lose 10 gallons per hour of juice.

ErieTec provided the customer with a drive that allowed the proper ratio to achieve motor speed that allowed both clean up and normal running.

Savings Calculation
10 gallons per hour x 24 hours per day x 7 days per week x 5 weeks (the length of the season) = 8,400 gallons. Multiply that by the market cost of juice ($3.99/gallon) = $33,516.

Have you ever lost product due to an inefficient production line or a problem with your components? Contact us! We’ll make sure that your operations are as efficient and profitable as possible.

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