Vulcanized Belt Replaced for Less Costly Labor

Many of the components in your operation are self-sustaining for most days of the year – but then there are those few days when things need switched out, cleaned, realigned, or otherwise adjusted. Though those days aren’t frequent, they can often be very costly, whether it be from shutdown costs or actual labor. In this example, vulcanized belt maintenance was costing a lot of money in the labor of the actual hot vulcanizing.

We value every minute of your time and understand how much it means to you to reduce costs at all turns. That’s why we assess every part of your operations and offer, when possible, solutions to reduce your spending.

Success Story – Vulcanized Belt Switched to ZipLink

Industry – Plastics
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $8,508

The customer was using a lot of green urethane finger-spliced belts that need to be hot vulcanized on site when the need would arise, perhaps 4 times per year, costing them $2,127 each time.

ErieTec and Midwest Conveying provided the solution of Zip-Link belt, which holds as strong as an endless belt but doesn’t need vulcanized. Training was provided to the customer on a shut-down day.

Savings Calculation
The belts do cost a little more, but they are better material. The savings itself comes from eliminating the cost of bringing in a contractor to do the vulcanizing 4 times per year, a savings of $8,508.

Even when something works for you, it might be costing you unnecessary money. Consult with us! We can help you find the best products for your operations.

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