Industrial Emergency Service: We Got You

When you order a piece of equipment from an OEM, you expect that it’s going to work. We know that parts will need replaced along the way, but you feel very confident that your initial startup is going to be a success. Unfortunately, that is sometimes not the case. In order to keep costs low, some OEMs sacrifice some quality and reliability. It doesn’t mean that the overall equipment isn’t good, but it might mean you have some ‘upgrading’ to do before it’s going to be operational. When shutdown is looming (or you’re already dealing with it), you need industrial emergency service.

That’s where we come in! We’ll assess why your piece of equipment failed and exactly what components we can offer you to ensure it won’t be happening again.

Success Story – Industrial Emergency Service When You Need It

Industry – Pet Food Manufacturing
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $36,000

The customer received new blowers, but the belts provided by the OEM were stripped of their teeth at startup.

ErieTec suggested a wider belt width with the same pitch and length, along with extra spare belt to avoid downtime, sprockets for wider width, and new bushings. Because this was a shutdown situation, we also arranged for rushed shipping and couriers.

Savings Calculation
Because we were able to step in and provide the correct belts and get to them to the customer quickly, we were able to reduce their downtime by 18 hours. At $2,000 per hour, that saved them $36,000.

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