Motor Contamination: Upgrade for Cost Savings

Manufacturing can be a dirty business – literally. Dust, dirt, and other contaminants may be an unavoidable part of your everyday operations. In some cases that means you have to accept a more frequent failure rate of your components, but be careful about exactly how frequently you’re accepting as normal. Did your motor last only months? We might be able to provide you a different option that reduces your downtime and failure rate – and saves you money.

Success Story – The Right Motor to Withstand Contamination

Industry: Metal & Steel
Region: Southwestern PA
Cost Savings: $1,555.86

The customer was having repeated failure of standard motors due to contamination.

ErieTec offered them Hyundai’s IEEE841, a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor that is far more resistant to contamination.

Savings Calculation
The cost of the original motor was approximately $700 and was failing twice per year, a total of $1,400 plus a maintenance cost of $300 and downtime cost of $500. The IEEE motor cost $644.14 and would last at least the full year, bringing the total savings to $1,555.86.

Could you use some cost savings in your operations? Of course you can! Give us a call and we’ll help you find those opportunities to save money.