Energy Chain Upgrade to Limit Premature Failure

Our customers often bring us problems that involve repeated failures. In the following example, we have a customer who experienced ongoing failures with their Energy Chain.

There are many products to choose from for each component in your operations. If you have the right dimensions on an item, then it must be just as good as any other style or brand, right? We’ll be the first to tell you that’s not true. Depending on your application, you might be better suited with any number of slight modifications to a similar part. The one you’ve chosen (possibly at random or based solely on price) will get you running, but it just may not last very long. And we don’t want to see your parts failing – and your operations shut down – any more often than is absolutely necessary. So we use our experience and knowledge to offer you the exact right product out of thousands to increase your life – and increase your profit.

Success Story – Energy Chain that Lasts

Industry – Plastics & Rubber
Region – Northwest PA
Cost Savings – $900 annually

The customer was having problems with an Energy Chain that couldn’t withstand the load and was prematurely failing.

ErieTec offered the IGUS New Energy Chain which features better locking in the top places and spacers internally. It keeps the wires and hoses separated and more rigid to the chain, keeping the system operational for much longer.

Savings Calculation
The original chain needed to be replaced yearly at $400 with $500 in labor costs. They will no longer have to spend that $900 each year.

In the grand scheme of your operations, $900 isn’t going to make or break you. But when repeated over and over across all of your industrial needs – it can make all the difference.