Extreme Duty Bearings for High Contamination

As a distributor and solutions provider, we carry thousands of different products – hundreds of options within each product family, even. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options and want to as us, “well which one is the best? I want the best.” The truth is: there’s no one bearing, VFD, coupling, or transformer that’s just generally the best. Everything depends on how you’re going to be using that product. A motor that lasts 30 years or more in one plant might fail after three days in another. Similarly, Extreme Duty Bearings might be necessary in one application, but a waste of money in another.

That’s where we come in! With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can offer you not just a good product overall (which we will) – but the right product for your application.

Success Story – Dodge Extreme Duty Bearings

Industry – Frac site
Region – Central Pennsylvania
Cost Savings – $12,000+

Sand conveyors were going down for 3-12 hours at a time due to bearing failure, halting the 50-person production line.

ErieTec identified that the bearings supplied by the OEM were not made for contaminated environments, like this extremely sandy one. After several options were offered to the customer, they made the decision to upgrade to Dodge Extreme Duty bearings and to use only synthetic grease in them to optimize uptime.

Savings Calculation
The event that precipitated this upgrade was a 12 shut down that cost the customer $12,000 in wages alone (further downtime cost would be difficult to calculate). The cost savings in this case covers the money they’ll save by avoiding the next shutdown.

Is your operation in a tricky environment? Is it wet, dusty, muddy, or otherwise prone to contaminants? We know the best products and solutions to help you optimize your time, energy, and profit. Call us!