Solid Grease Can Lead to Solid Savings

When we’re looking back at the work we’ve done over the last month or year, there are some impressive numbers. In some cases, one solution we provided might have saved a plant 50K or more. So when you have numbers that large, the smaller stuff can seem almost insignificant. We have to remind ourselves – and our customers – that it’s not. Saving a small amount on one component (and another and another and another) adds up to huge savings across your entire operation. Just because you’re not seeing five-digit savings numbers on each project doesn’t mean it’s not critically valuable to your profits. Read on for an example about switching standard grease for solid grease.

Success Story – Solid Grease Eliminates Failures

Industry – Metals & Steel
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $990

Bearings were failing 2-3 times per year. ErieTec identified that the environment was too wet for standard grease.

ErieTec added solid grease to the bearings instead, tripling their lifetime.

Savings Calculation
The bearings were costing $40 each so three failures per year was $240. Labor ran about $250 each time they failed, equating to $750 per year. The total savings by eliminating those failures is $990 per year.

While this solution saved them a little less than $1,000 per year, imagine if we were able to save you that much on every aspect of your operations! Call us, email us, show up at our counter – we’re here to serve you.