Mersen Fuses: Manufacturer Monday Highlights

Mersen (formerly Ferraz-Shawmut) has a broad line of electrical protection products, but one of our favorites is their Amp-Trap 2000 fuses. Fuses are hugely important to your operations because they protect your two most important resources: your equipment and your people. Having properly sized, reliable Mersen fuses can save you from the budget nightmare of a blown motor (and whatever else is on your line) – or the tragedy of an injury or death.

When a fault occurs, Amp-Trap 2000s open in less than a quarter cycle in currents as high as 300kA – the fastest in the industry. This minimizes the let-through current that flows downstream, protecting your operations from failure, injury, and excessive downtime.

This line is impressive for the big stuff, but there’s even more to appreciate about the Amp-Trap 2000s:

  • Reduced Inventory because one Amp-Trap 2000 can replace multiple SKUs
  • Time delay that withstands higher inrush current from motors and transformers to eliminate nuisance opening
  • Total system coverage – the family includes Class L, Class J, Class RK1, and Class CC which will cover your complete low-voltage electrical system

Electrical protection is a serious business – getting the right fuse for your application can save you in costly equipment replacement and extensive downtime, in addition to the clear safety liabilities associated with Arc Flash incidents.

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