Reducer Failure + No Name Plate = Call ErieTec

Some components of your operation were built to last – seriously last. Decades or more. So when that component inevitably fails, it can often be hard to replace. It’s not as if you can ask the guy who installed it – chances are he’s long retired. Even name plates aren’t guaranteed; sometimes you’re working with next to nothing as far as identifying information, let alone a part number. In the following example, a reducer has failed and the customer can’t identify it on their own.

Let us use our experience and connections to help you find exactly what part you have – and what you can use to replace it.

Success Story – Replacing an Old Reducer

Industry – Food & Beverage
Region – Eastern Pennsylvania
Cost Savings – $5,000

The customer had a line that was shutdown due to reducer failure. The nameplate had been removed, so they didn’t know what part to order. They supplied the ratio and motor information to ErieTec and indicated they needed a solution very quickly, as downtime was very costly.

The original manufacturer wouldn’t quote without a serial number, so ErieTec looked to a different vendor that had a reducer that would fit. Unfortunately the price was high and the delivery wasn’t good enough, so instead we found another vendor who stocked the original manufacturer in-house. They had a reducer that would work after a few modifications, so they made those changes and had it shipped same day, allowing the customer to be up and running by the next night.

Savings Calculation
Providing a solution for the mystery unit with quick same day delivery saved downtime and lost production, though an exact number isn’t readily available. The customer estimates it was a minimum of $5,000.

Do you work in a plant that has some old, unidentifiable parts on your line? Contact us and we’ll make sure that when the time comes to replace them, you’re ready.