More than a Distributor: ErieTec Adds Value

There’s a reason that we call ourselves a “Solutions Provider” rather than a “Distributor,” and that’s because our value is in far more than the products we carry. Sure, we are authorized distributors of many of the most trusted names in industrial components (take a look at our long list of manufacturers if you doubt that statement), but each product is only as good as how you use it – and we’re here to help you choose the correct products for your specific applications.

With nearly 60 years of experience, we’ve encountered innumerable applications, problems, and operations. While every plant is different – as are the products they manufacture – we have a large bank of collective knowledge that will give us the edge on helping you choose exactly what’s right for you.

We don’t blindly sell, sell, sell. In fact, it is our goal to provide you with more, while selling you less. Perhaps ‘selling you less’ seems somewhat backwards for a company to say, but what we pride ourselves on is adding value to your operations. We might be making money if you’re placing repeated orders every month for the same part (a part that we know typically should last a year) – but to let you keep doing that would mean we’re failing at doing our job. We want to understand the application that part is being used in, and we want to offer you a solution that saves you money in the end. Your profit is our primary focus – which means focusing on your productivity.

Shutdowns happen. No matter how smoothly your operations are managed, there will always be a part failure or malfunction at some point. With seven stocking locations across PA, we’re able to get you what you need to get your plant back up and running ASAP. If we don’t have it in stock, we have close relationships with our manufacturers, and will do everything we can to reduce the lead time and get you back on track. Even if the shutdown occurs outside of our regular business hours, we have a 24/7 emergency line that will page someone immediately to assist you.

And that’s the strength of ErieTec – those people who answer our phones, call on your plants, and send you those emails. With 5 weeks of intensive introductory training and continued learning monthly after that – in addition to all the knowledge passed down from years and years of service – our experience and knowledge set us apart from any other “distributor” in the business. So much so that we don’t consider ourselves a distributor at all. We’re a solutions provider, and we’ve been serving this community for almost 60 years now – and will continue for more than 60 years to come.