Bushings: A Small Product with a Big Impact

There are certain products that are just accepted as part of your operation, and when they fail, you simply reorder them. But when you talk with us and tell us more about your applications and needs, we are able to offer you small adjustments to the components you’re utilizing in order to make your everyday operations better. Bushings are one of the smaller components of your operations, but they still can offer significant cost savings.

Success Story: Eliminating the Wear Down of Bushings

Industry – Plastics & Rubber
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $1,000

The customer was using bushings to act as a guide on a conveyor system, but they weren’t holding up. When they began to wear down, they started to leave tiny shavings on the conveyor that was getting into the product also.

ErieTec suggested Tribotech Composites bushings that don’t wear and don’t leave shavings behind.

Savings Calculation
Maintenance savings isn’t easily calculable, but as the bushings will last 10 times as long, the customer estimated a savings of at least $1,000.

Is there an ongoing issue in your plant? Call your solutions specialist and we’ll see if there’s a better solution going forward! Perhaps you don’t even notice the issue. We often accept a failure rate as “normal” when we could offer you something that would last much longer. Talk to us about your operations, and we’ll explore any possible alternatives.