When the Worm Box Ratio is Wrong: Cost Savings

As much as we want to believe that our team is infallible, sometimes they’re not. Even manufacturers can make mistakes in production or shipping. But because of our extensive experience we often can identify those errors and help you fix them to minimize loss or damage. In this example, repeated failure leads to the customer asking for our help. From there, we were able to identify that the worm box ratio they’d been using had been wrong.

Success Story: Replacing Gears < Correcting Worm Box Ratio

Industry – Automotive
Region – Central PA
Cost Savings – $756.72+

The customer was repeatedly changing the gears in their right angle gear boxes due to significantly abnormal wear.

ErieTec was able to identify that the gears that were wearing out were actually the incorrect ratio for that worm box. Together with the customer, ErieTec worked with the manufacturer to properly document that the incorrect gears had been sent to them and were offered credit for the incorrect gears and expedited shipping at no extra charge.

Savings Calculation
The gears themselves were a savings of $756.72, but the total savings would be higher than that to include the labor and downtime for switching them out as they failed.

Are you having trouble with a part repeatedly failing before its expected lifetime? We don’t want you to keep buying a part that may not be right for your application. Talk to your solutions specialists today!