Stockroom Management: We Might Remember for You

Stockrooms can be messy and difficult to track. Too often we waste valuable time trying to locate components or worse – giving up and just ordering new parts out of frustration. It can help to have someone looking out for you and serving as your backup when maybe your memory or organizational skills leave you scrambling. That’s where we come in! We work closely with you and take those extra steps in stockroom management to ensure that you have the most possible uptime.

Success Story – Stockroom Management can save the day

Industry – Lumber
Region – Northwest PA
Cost Savings – $1,500

The customer was in desperate need of some pipe repair product and was exploring options for “same day rush” shipping from Georgia.

ErieTec actually recalled that this customer had bought 6 pieces of the product they needed fairly recently. After ErieTec provided the customer with information about the PO, the customer was able to locate the item in their stockroom.

Savings Calculation
A dedicated driver from Georgia would have cost the customer $1,500.

Let us be your trusted backup! Remember, we want to provide you more by selling you less.