Air Motor Failing Repeatedly: Cost Savings

It’s frustrating – and time consuming – to continue to deal with the same problem over and over. Often times we get so concerned with getting back up and running quickly that we don’t actually address the problem itself. We just accept that it will happen again at some point and we’ll deal with it later. But when does later ever come? When you tell us about your problem! We will use our knowledge and experience to offer you a true solution to the issue so that it won’t occur again, saving you time and money. In this case, we wanted to help our customer reduce the maintenance required on their air motor.

Success Story – Air Motor Not Getting enough Torque

Industry – Plastics
Region – Nortwestern PA
Cost Savings – $1,800

The air motor wasn’t unscrewing the mold for the plastic because it didn’t have enough torque. Parts would get jammed in the mold causing downtime while they fixed it.

ErieTec determined the customer should replace the air motor with an adapter for the new gearbox due to the frame size of the necessary motor.

Savings Calculation
The customer saw savings in the form of reduced maintenance time and elimination of lost product, an estimated total value of $1,800.

ErieTec is here for you when you have any kind of trouble. We are especially looking to help you when you have the same problem happen repeatedly. As much as we love seeing you all, we want you to have to call us less often to help you fix issues rather than more. Contact us today!