Cost Savings: Identification

When you need experience, we’re here for you. With almost 60 years in this business, we know our products and we know your applications – and we can use that knowledge to make your operation more efficient, safer, and more profitable. A big component of that is simply being able to identify parts. Industrial components are built to last, so it’s possible that a bearing, motor, or coupling in your plant has been in use longer than your maintenance guys have been alive. And when that fails, neither they nor you have any idea what part number it was or how to replace it. Chances are that we know! And if we don’t know immediately, we have the means to figure it out for you, saving you immensely by minimizing your downtime.

Success Story

Industry – Lumber
Region – Central PA
Cost Savings – $12,000

The customer had a gear reducer that broke down on their barn cleaner, and they couldn’t identify it.

ErieTec was able to identify the brand and part number of the product, but replacing with the exact part would have had a delivery time of 3-4 weeks, and the customer was shut down. ErieTec was able to interchange to a different brand reducer, which was able to be shipped within 3 days.

Savings Calculation
Based on the customer’s estimation of the production time that would have been lost, savings is roughly $12,000.

You know your plant. We know its components. Let us help you identify the parts you need and assist you in getting them – and getting your operations back up and running as soon as possible.