Lubrication-Free Chain is Great for Lumber

Your product or service is the most important thing to you. Every decision you make in your day-to-day operations is all about ensuring high quality output first and foremost. Because of that, you sometimes have to choose a more costly option in your components. After all, if a cost savings solution is going to damage your product, it’s not really saving you anything at all. But when you come to us, you’re consulting with experts who have the best available products at hand. These allow us to provide you alternative cost savings that ensure the quality of your product remains intact. For example, if lubrication dripping onto your product is a concern for you, we might suggest lubrication-free chain.

Success Story – Lubrication-Free chain adds life and subtracts the risk of damage

Industry – Lumber
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $2,400

The ErieTec Territory Account Manager noticed that the customer was buying a particular chain more often than he would expect. Because of this, he talked to the customer to see what was going on. It turned out that the chain they were using would run best with lubrication. Unfortunately,  they couldn’t risk that lubrication dripping onto the boards.

ErieTec suggested US Tsubaki’s Lambda chain which is a lubrication-free chain (built with oil impregnated sintered bronze bushings) that is designed to be able to run without outside lubrication – eliminating the risk of damaging or staining the product.

Savings Calculation
We estimate the customer will get 4 times the life out of their chain drives (saving $400 per 10/strand x 4 = $1600) and 8 man hours of labor for each change out (2 men/4-hours @ $100/hour=$800).