Solid Grease to Beat the Heat: Cost Savings

Harsh conditions change how you maintenance the components in your production line. If you choose the wrong products for upkeep, you’re likely wasting both time and money as downtime increases and the lifespan of your components decrease. With so many brands, styles, and options available to you, how do you know if you’re making the right choices? By asking the experts. At ErieTec we have the experience and the product knowledge to match solutions to each application, ensuring you less downtime and most importantly: greater profit. In this example, the right choice happened to hinge on solid grease to withstand extreme conditions.

Success Story – Solid Grease in a Slow, Dirty Environment

Industry – Metal and Steel
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $15,465

In a turntable application, the customer was using standard spherical bearings and packing them with grease in a slow, dirty environment. Because of the heat, the grease would tend to deteriorate, causing both a reduction in lifespan of the bearings and further contaminating the turntable surface.

ErieTec suggested that the customer use MicroPoly High Temperature solid grease. Because it’s made specifically for high temperatures, it will not break down because of the heat, solving the issues of further contamination and increased wear.

Savings Calculation
They’d bought 45 the previous year that had worn down due to the grease deterioration at $237 each, adding up to $10,665. Additionally, the customer had to clean the turntable itself 20 hours that year taking two hours each time and two men at $240/hr, adding up to $4,800 – a grand total of $15,465 that they would not have to spend the year after switching to the high temperature solid grease.