Bearing Seals Can Extend the Life of the Motor

Motors come in all shapes and sizes – and each application requires a different one. If you choose the wrong motor, you run the risk of premature failure or severely reducing its lifespan, especially when you have a dirty or contaminated environment. We can help you choose the right motor to increase your productivity and reduce your costs. Many factors play into this choice, but in the following example you’ll see that bearing seals (bearing isolators) can be one of the determining features.

Success Story: Bearing Seals in IEEE-841

Industry – Metal and Steel
Region – Central PA
Cost Savings – $1,595

The customer was having a problem with a motor in one of their rooftop exhaust/ventilation fans. Due to the amount of carbon in the air that would build up on the motor, the bearings would fail, thus shortening the life of the motor. To make the problem worse, the motor was located on the roof and was difficult to get to, adding to the downtime and maintenance costs.

ErieTec suggested going with the IEEE-841 style of motor. The PTFE bearing isolator is a non-contact seal and will not wear out; nor does it need to be lubricated. This will protect the bearings and keep them from failing, extending the life of the motor.

Savings Calculation
Customer was using 3 motors per year at a cost of $500 per motor, totaling $1,500. The new motor cost $655, but was only replaced once per year, equaling a savings of $845 on product alone.
Labor was calculated at 2 hours per motor at $25/hr, a total of $150 per year.
Downtime cost the customer $100 per hour (for two hours) three times a year, totaling $600.
Product savings plus labor and downtime prevention equals $1,595.