Reducers that Fail can Kill You in Downtime

Machinery fails. No matter how strong or well maintained, at some point there will be a breakdown. But when you have a team like ErieTec’s on your side, dealing with the aftermath isn’t quite so bad – even when it’s reducers that failed and your production is on the line.

Success Story

Industry – Food & Beverage
Region – Northwestern PA
Cost Savings – $12,000

One of our territory account managers was on site with the customer who showed him one of his reducers making a terrible noise. He guessed it wasn’t going to last another day, and within just three hours, it failed. Based on his analysis, it seemed the input pinion had caused the failure.

ErieTec was able to use their expertise to size up the failed gearbox and find a proper replacement that could be built within 24 hours and sent via courier directly to the customer. Additionally, ErieTec was able to deliver the customer a 40 HQD and appropriate bushing to fit the 2.125″ shaft.

Savings Calculation
ErieTec was able to save the customer in many different ways. Having been on site to assess and size the failed gearbox saved the customer a lot of time. That time translates to less time lost in production. Additionally, because they chose to use the courier service and because ErieTec had delivered the hardware to connect the gearbox prior to the gearbox’s arrival, there was even more reduced downtime. Finally, the gearbox that ErieTec suggested was a more compact design. In total, the customer estimates the savings at around $12,000.

You never know what repercussions you’ll face when you have a breakdown situation. And you also don’t know what extra minutes, hours, or days can cost you – in dollars, time, and headache. You need to have experts on your team who can quickly identify a problem and offer a solution. We are dedicated to providing you the best, most cost-effective, efficient solutions possible. Does one of your reducers sounds wonky? Do you have any other concerns about your plant’s operations? Contact us!