Absorbents for all your Industrial Applications

Meltblown Technologies is your Cost Savings Solution for Absorbents.

Absorbents are a staple in many different operations. In fact, they’re often mandated by law to have onsite in the event of oil or chemical spills. So, of course, there are many types and brands to choose from. But MBT offers a product that is more durable than the rest, more absorbent – and most often costs you less.

What kind of absorbents do you need in your facility? We’re happy to consult with you to make sure that you’re getting the best product for the application. Whether you’re looking for a universal absorbent or an oil-only, you’ll have a wide range of options. MBT offers varying thicknesses, colors, and even full spill kits to keep on hand in case of larger problems.

We at ErieTec stock the current top-selling items, but with MBT’s fast response team, you’ll have anything you need quickly and efficiently.

What We Stock: Absorbents

Universal Sorbents
GSMF100 Spunbond Fine Fiber Heavyweight Pads (100 pack)
GSMFL100 Spunbond Fine Fiber Mediumweight Pads (100 pack)

Oil-Only Sorbents
WSMS100 Spunbond Heavyweight Pads (100 pack)
WSMSL100 Spunbond Mediumweight Pads (100 pack)

Notable Meltblown Products

X-Tra Sticky Mat
It’s the high quality absorbent you expect from MBT, but with the benefit of also having an adhesive bottom layer to ensure the mat stays where you need it.

Do you need absorbents for an area that only experiences light, periodic dripping? With the CamoMat, the drips will blend right in, so you won’t feel you need to change out the mats more often than they need (small drips take an awful long time to cause the super absorbent mat to become totally saturated. By keeping each mat operational for longer, you’re saving money!

Put down that kitty litter! With GranSorb, you have a solution for spill cleanup that is wind resistant and easier to remove and dispose.

Spilltration Smoosh Kit
Absorbents are required in all kinds of places, and often there may not be a lot of space to store them. Consider the Smoosh Kit a solution to all your spatial woes! It can fit in spaces as small as the pocket behind the seat of your vehicle.

Fine Fiber Hazmat Sorbents
Perhaps you need sorbents for multiple different clean-up jobs and one of them happens to be a dangerous fluid. MBT offers various colors including the Hazmat in order to signal that an area may be dangerous. Safety first!

Do any of these sound like they may be of use to you (or maybe you’re already using something similar)? Talk to a solutions specialist about how we can provide you with spill solutions – and save you money!