Planetary Gearbox: Cost (and Space) Savings

When you need to replace a part, it’s always a relief to know you have a spare in your facility, neatly tucked in your storeroom. Especially in a breakdown situation, having that part available to you is the silver lining of that failure. In the following example, you’ll see a customer who had a helical gearbox fail and couldn’t find a replacement quickly. We offered them a planetary gearbox instead that saved them downtime, cost, and even space!

Often times the part that breaks not only isn’t in your storeroom, but it’s not immediately available through the original manufacturer either. Maybe it’s a discontinued piece; maybe it’s an odd size or shape. Sometimes it’s just a product that isn’t very popular and therefore distributors don’t stock it. But you’re broken down… now what do you do?

ErieTec can help you with that breakdown, of course, but they’ll do you one better and help you try to avoid the panic altogether.

Success Story – Helical to Planetary Gearbox

Industry – Food & Beverage
Region – Northwest Pennsylvania
Cost Savings – $6,000

Customer needed a new gearbox, and the one they were currently using was difficult to find.

In order to save them money and space, ErieTec was able to switch them from the double output shaft helical unit they had been using to a planetary gearbox. The planetary was more readily available and less expensive, in addition to using up a smaller footprint.

Savings Calculation
We calculated the $6,000 in savings factoring monetary cost alone ($3,000 per unit, twice a year). However, the more important part of this solution is that the planetary gearbox is more readily available. Because of this, they can replace it more easily if they have a failure or even a scheduled replacement.

You can’t put a dollar value on peace of mind, but that’s what ErieTec offers you when you come to us with your problems. We will find solutions that best fit your needs. We also do we what we can to entirely avoid problems like this one. When you have important parts that are integral to your operations, you can work with us on stocking solutions that would ensure you always had spares available. Whether it be for helical or planetary gearboxes, motors, couplings, or any other essential piece of equipment, we have your back.