ErieTec Advantage: Counter Service

What Sets Us Apart – Volume I

Our solutions specialists work hard every single day to make sure that you are getting the products and services that you need. They’re highly trained, experienced, and most of all, they care about making your operations safer, more productive, and less costly.

They’re always around to answer the phones, of course, but ErieTec is different from many industrial distributors in that you can walk right in and see our team in person. Have a shredded belt you need help identifying? Or a bearing that you just don’t quite know how to measure? Bring it to us! Each of our branches have a counter to welcome you and assess your needs.

When you walk into ErieTec, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to purchase one small seal or if you’re getting a 50HP motor. We care about your problem and we will work tirelessly to find you a solution. Between our extensive expertise and library of resources, we’ll point you in the direction of the best solution.

In the neighborhood? Stop on by! All six of our branches have experts waiting to assist you face-to-face. (And, of course, via email, phone, fax, and maybe even carrier pigeon) (maybe not that last one)

ErieTec is here to serve YOU!